Zerviate Eye Drop Allergy Prescription FAQ

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Zerviate Eye Drop Allergy Prescription FAQ

What is the cost of Zerviate?

It can be as little as $45 depending upon the insurance.

Is Zerviate safe to be administered to Children?

Zerviate can be used in children because safety is evaluated in clinical studies. It is proven safe for patients ageing 2 or older.

How is Zerviate different from Zyrtec?

They both contain the same active ingredient. The only difference is that Zyrtec is taken orally and works throughout the body on allergies. In contrast, Zerviate is an eye drop, and it is specially designed for eye allergies to relief from ocular itching.

What are the side effects of Zerviate and its comfortability to use?

The most common side effects of Zerviate are eye redness, discomfort and blurred vision when applying drops. However, these have only occurred in 1-7% of patients, and these are not all the side effects. It is advised that you report to your doctor if you experience any side effect. It is demonstrated in a study that Zerviate was safe and comfortable for patients.

What should be considered when using Zerviate?

There are several instructions to keep in mind when using Zerviate. Firstly, the eyedropper should not come in contact with eyelid or else it would cause contamination. Secondly, it should not be used when wearing contact lenses. They should be removed before taking the drops, and they can be placed back after 10 minutes of administrating Zerviate. It is advised that they should not be put back on if the eyes are red and Zerviate should not be used if a person has red eyes due to contact lenses.

How should Zerviate be stored?

It should be stored at room temperature, and unopened containers should be stored in the original pouch. The container should be closed when it is not in use, and a single-use container should be thrown after usage.

Are there any conditions to consider before taking Zerviate?

There are no known conditions or circumstances that would prevent a patient from using it. The patient should talk to a doctor before using it, and the effects of Zerviate are not known for pregnant women. They should consult a doctor before using it. The risk information is not comprehensive, and you should consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist about Zerviate. 

Talk to a Doctor to learn more about the proven power of a leading allergy medication that is available now as an eye drop.