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Wellness at Home Test Kits FAQ

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What is wellness?

Wellness is a state of good health. It also refers to the process of actively trying to attain optimal functioning physically and mentally. Knowledge is power and with us, you can continuously track, monitor and improve your health from home by understanding your well-being and wellness.

What areas of wellness does LetsGetChecked test?

Our wellness tests examine organ function, including kidney, liver and thyroid tests, as well as testing for diseases such as Lyme and Celiac disease. LetsGetChecked cover vitamins and minerals through their vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate, omega and iron checks.

Wellness tests also include the Colon Cancer Screening Test which identifies your risk of colon cancer, and areas including heart health and inflammation in the body through the cholesterol and C-reactive protein tests.

What happens to my samples after they have been tested?

All testing is completely anonymized to ensure that your data is protected. Your samples are processed using alphanumeric codes to ensure confidentiality. Following testing, your samples are disposed of by our CAP accredited and CLIA approved laboratories.

What happens with my results after my samples have been tested?

Each test includes a pre-paid envelope to return your samples to the lab. You should receive your results within 2-5 days of your samples reaching the lab.

Your order and results will be reviewed by our medical team. If your result is out of range, our medical team will call you to provide support. After the call, all results are released to your online account where you can view your personal health profile at a glance.