Vitamin Deficiency At-Home Test Kits


Vitamins are compulsory for your body. They provide various benefits to your system that enable it to work efficiently and correctly. Above all, not having the right amount of vitamins in your bloodstream can cause many serious diseases. But, our body is not informed automatically when we lack the vitamins in our bloodstream. Scientists and doctors have both collaborated and worked day and night. Finally, they have developed various home test kits that can detect if the right amount of vitamins are present in your body or not. Suppose the proper amount of vitamins are not present in your system. In that case, you get treated by doctors according to your test results.

Vitamin B12 Test

Vitamin B12 home test kit is capable of identifying if there is enough amount of vitamin b12 present in your body or not. Moreover, if there is a lack of this vitamin in your body, you must consult your doctor immediately. The result of this home test kit is always spot on. This kit is very reliable.

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D is another home test kit that can tell vitamin D levels in your bloodstream. It tells whether your vitamin D levels are adequate or not.

Essential Vitamin Test

This home test kit is a complete package. It can detect various amounts of vitamins present in your body, such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, and folate serum. If any of these chemical levels are not correct in your blood, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Vitamin Deficiency At-Home Test Kit Steps

The home test kits for vitamin deficiency can get delivered to your doorstep online. You can carry out the test by yourself at home seamlessly.

  1. You have to collect the sample using the finger-prick method. There would be guidelines in the test kit regarding the collection of the sample.
  2. After collecting the sample, you need to ship it back on the same day using the prepaid shipping label provided.
  3. CLIA and CAP-accredited laboratories analyze the samples. These are the highest accreditation. The results are confidential and are available on the secure account of the user within 2-5 days.
  4. After receiving the results, the customer can contact the medical team, who will give them advice based on their positive or negative result.

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

This vitamin is a fatty vitamin that assists in dissolving minerals like calcium and phosphorus. These minerals help us with strong bones and teeth and help maintain our immune system and heart and lungs’ condition.

Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This is among the eight vitamins of the vitamin B. This helps us maintain our bodily functions related to the nerves, create DNA, and produce red blood cells that provide oxygen to our bodies. This is a vitamin that is highly important for people who are pregnant.

Who Should Take These Vitamin Tests?

You should take this test if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Chronic tiredness
  • Crohn and Celiac disease
  • Menopause

You should also take this test:

  • When you are on a plant-based diet
  • If you’re trying to improve your health, considering pregnancy or if you are above the age of 50

All these people should take these vitamin tests as soon as possible. So, any possible disease can get diagnosed.

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