Learning About Covid-19


What Is Covid-19?

Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, and Wuhan became the epicenter for the disease. Since then, it has spread globally, and WHO has declared it a pandemic. It is believed that it has been transmitted onto humans through bats. This virus can cause fever, flu, and difficulty in breathing, and in severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia and damage the lungs, which can cause difficulty in breathing. A ventilator might be required to support breathing. It may lead to deaths too.

Coronavirus is a giant virus, and it can cause severe illnesses like MERS and SARS. A novel coronavirus causes Covid-19, and it’s a new disease. It spreads from person to person through the droplets of sneezing and coughing, and it can also be contracted if someone is in close contact with an infected person. It can also be contracted if someone comes in contact with infected high touch surfaces like doorknobs, fixtures, etc. There are some safety instructions by medical experts to follow during this pandemic.

How to Protect Oneself from the Novel Covid-19?

There are several ways recommended by medical experts, which will help a person to avoid getting sick.

  1. It is instructed to avoid public places and close contact with infected persons.
  2. There should be a distance of 6 feet between people, and washing hands frequently with sanitizers or soaps are recommended.
  3. A person should avoid touching his face, and it is advised to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.


How to Avoid Spreading the Virus?

Likewise, there are some instructions to follow to avoid spreading the virus if you’re infected.

  1. You should cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and you should disinfect the things that you touch often.
  2. Using a face mask is compulsory when going to public places.
  3. It is recommended to stay at home and follow quarantine rules if a person is sick or exposed to it. They should quarantine for at least 15 days.


A person should contact a doctor if they have trouble breathing, chest pain, dizziness, bluish lips, and loss of sense of taste and smell. A person should inform the doctor beforehand that they are coming to the hospital to arrange safety protocols for them. A person should call 911 to seek immediate medical attention if he/she is experiencing a cough or shortness of breath. It is compulsory to wear a face mask when going to the doctor to avoid spreading the virus.


How to Get Latest Updates Regarding Novel Covid-19?

There are several organizations currently tracking the virus and studying about it. Many research labs around the world are working on providing a safe vaccine for the disease. Some websites are there, which contain up to date information about the virus i.e., CDC and WHO. There are also guidelines on these organization’s websites for those to follow who are exposed to the virus. The website links are given at the end, and they provide information regarding the travel advice and the most updated news regarding the vaccine, cure, outbreaks about the virus.




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