Kidney At-Home Test Kits


Our body requires a regular clean-up to discard the waste material and keep the blood clean so that our heart receives clean and purified blood. Kidneys, these pairs of bean-shaped organs, keep our body clean by getting rid of the waste through urine and purifying the blood before it goes back to the heart. They weigh around 162-170 grams in females and around 53-320 grams in men. Kidneys are located below your ribcage. The right kidney is smaller than the left one to make enough place to accommodate the liver. Each kidney contains about one million nephrons, which are responsible for removing waste from the blood.

Nephrons play a vital role in actively keeping the kidneys functioning. Each nephron contains a renal corpuscle, a proximal tube, an intermediate tubule, a distal convoluted tubule, a connecting tube, cortical, outer medullary and, inner medullary collecting ducts. To sum up, the urine gets excreted to the ureter and bladder after completing several processes. The pair of kidneys contribute a lot in keeping you healthy and stable; even the slightest infection might lead to intense pain. Furthermore, it participates in the production of red cells by creating hormones. It helps in balancing the Ph levels of the body by excreting hydrogen ions and non-volatile acids.

Kidney At-Home Test Kit

The Kidney At-home test kit provides all the necessary components required to complete your test process at home. This home test kit allows people to take tests at their residence and check the website for their results within 2-5 days. This kit can measure urea levels in the body, blood levels of Creatinine, and the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eFGR).

Kidney At-Home Test Kit Process Steps

You can order the kidney test kit online, and you can receive it at your doorstep. You can perform the test whenever you feel comfortable. The kit comes with instructions to guide you about the procedure.

  1. You should take the sample in a fasted state before 9 am using the finger prick method. The test kits come with all the necessary instructions.
  2. After collecting the sample, you should ship it back on the same day using the prepaid shipping label provided.
  3. CLIA and CAP-accredited laboratories analyze the samples. These are the highest form of accreditations. The results are available in your secure account online within 2-5 days. After this, you can then view your result on our secure online platform.
  4. After receiving the results, the customer can contact the medical team, who will give them advice based on their positive or negative test result.

Symptoms and Complications of Acute Kidney Failure

Acute Kidney failure (AKI) is a sudden decline in a person’s kidneys’ functioning. Meanwhile, it also goes by the name of “Acute Renal Failure.” AKI can be treated quickly if you consult the doctor before it gets worse. The symptoms of acute kidney failure include fatigue, fluid retention, and seizures. Suppose one notices a considerable decrease in the volume of urine and finds himself urinating less than other days. In that case, it is time for the person to take a kidney test before the situation worsens.

Likewise, feeling tired very often is also a sign that you might be a victim of acute kidney disorder. Irregular heartbeats and difficulty in breathing are the other symptoms one experiences beforehand. The swelling of legs, ankles, and feet is also an indication of acute kidney failure. This usually happens to the people who have crossed the age of 65. People with high blood pressures and chronic diseases are more prone to get affected by AKI. In higher stages of AKI, the patient can go into a state coma. If a person experiences any of the symptoms mentioned above, he should take the test immediately.

There are several other reasons you might want to take the AKI test. There are many diseases related to kidneys. Like diabetic nephropathy, this disease develops when the kidney capillaries experience damage. Above all, this disease affects people who have long term diabetes. The symptoms usually include severe headaches, tiredness, feeling nauseous, and itching.

Renal papillary necrosis is another condition in which the person experiences severe blood in urine and cloudy urine appearance. Pain during urination is also a common symptom of this disease. It is not common for this disease to lead to kidney failure. Proper treatment can help in curing this disease quickly.


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